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20 Jun 2017

You will be surprised to know that one of the easiest ways to improve the curb appeal of your work front or commercial place and make it look beautiful is through commercial garage doors. By replacing the old and dull doors, you can get the latest ones installed that are sure to impress you and your clients like anything. As previously there were not enough options to choose from, one can easily pick their favorite ones from the amazing collection these days. Be it the design, style, size, color or raw material used, options are available in everything.

Best thing about these doors is that once you have selected your favorite one and purchased it, garage door installation service can be asked from the service providers. Being expert and...

31 May 2017
Paint chips and dents are quite normal for garage doors. With repaint and other repair solutions, it is easy to fix the problems. Some of the common issues noticed are broken wires & cords, broken parts, unusual noise, irregular movements and shaking. 

When it comes to repair or fix these bugs, it is required to be extremely careful in your approach. Though you can fix the issues sometimes, calling the professionals is the best solution most of the times. This is because fixing the broken cords and wires is not possible on your own. Moreover, there are times when the problem is quite complex and fixing it costs as much as it does when buying the new door. In such situations, the best alternative is garage door replacement

When replacing...

9 May 2017
Garage doors make a big share of your homes’ exterior. They are thus very important to be discussed about. You may have come across many informational blogs about maintenance and repair of your existing garage door. But this particular post will throw light on the very important aspects of garage door replacement; most of you might be unaware of. 

1)Don’t order a garage door over phone

You will be inviting trouble while ordering a garage door over phone call. Ask the sales person to visit your house and check the important details like opening size and shape, headroom and side clearance. You can also discuss the design and door material which will depend both on your personal preference and feasibility. 

2)Wood door is not the best for...

1 May 2017
Home owners often skip the exteriors of their houses in their weekly cleaning schedule. They focus entirely on the interiors of the house as the guests will come and sit inside and not outside the house. But does it stop them from feeling about the untidy garden and garage they saw before stepping in your living area? Actually the residential garage doors at many houses and commercial garage doors in many factory settings make the main door to your premise. It is therefore very important to keep your garage door clean of the dirt and dust it is exposed to every single minute. Summers are a great time to do the cleaning job and you may even make it a fun activity for the family if you have the right volunteers by your side. 

The cleaning...

20 Mar 2017
There are four seasons- summer, winter, spring and fall. Your garage door stands there to face it all. In summers scorching sun hits it continuously while winters get snow and hail to your door. Both residential and commercial garage doors withstand the heavy rains and strong winds during fall. Fortunately you have the professional support to have preventive measures that help garage doors to withstand even the worst climatic conditions. 

Every year many garage owners rush to door experts for solutions after their heavy and sturdy garage doors give up to the adverse climate. Sometimes it is Sun who does the job of withering of your garage door. Due to the continuous exposure to Sun at high temperature the paint of your garage door may...

24 Feb 2017
Steel garage doors have become increasingly important in the recent years. Reason being, they offer a number of benefits and hence, favored by maximum people. Besides, they are among the sturdiest and reliable doors available in the market. If you are looking forward to buy new commercial garage doors for your work front, check out how steel doors can be a good option for you.

Benefits of steel garage doors

1)Durability: These doors are quite durable and strong, owing to which they can survive the harsh conditions. They make up the best option for large vehicles and heavy machinery. 

2)Maintenance: These require very little work; hence, are considered quite well. Just give them a little grease and they are good to go. 

3)Design and color:It...

17 Jan 2017

Garage is meant to protect valuable assets but it can also become the reason behind the weak point for residential property. Wondering how? Well, intruders are always looking for ways to get inside the garage and steal the goods. Want to know why? Here are the reasons:

1)Valuable equipment, vehicles and tools are stored in the garage.

2)It acts as an easy entry point for them when homeowners forget locking or closing the door.

Keeping your property safe & secure is not only your responsibility but something you should be always careful about. 

Tips to secure your garage 

1)Lock: Make sure the door is always closed and locked. If the garage is attached directly to the home, ensure that the door from the garage is locked as well. Besides, make...

3 Jan 2017

It is not a day-to-day chore when you need to hire a garage door company. On the contrary, you need them in a period of time to do the commercial overhead garage door repair or to service their counterparts at your home. The garage door business has a huge scope of manipulation and exaggeration that comes to customers. Cost left alone, the quality of work takes center stage as this matter is of your family’s safety. The injuries caused by an improper installation can be very serious. It holds vital importance to do what all it takes to hire a professional company, the one on which you can depend, the one who can unburden you from the stress of having a garage door well in place. 

Preferences of a person may vary but that it only...