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1 May 2017
Home owners often skip the exteriors of their houses in their weekly cleaning schedule. They focus entirely on the interiors of the house as the guests will come and sit inside and not outside the house. But does it stop them from feeling about the untidy garden and garage they saw before stepping in your living area? Actually the residential garage doors at many houses and commercial garage doors in many factory settings make the main door to your premise. It is therefore very important to keep your garage door clean of the dirt and dust it is exposed to every single minute. Summers are a great time to do the cleaning job and you may even make it a fun activity for the family if you have the right volunteers by your side. 

The cleaning job not only makes the garage doors look clean and tidy, it also provides the opportunity to the garage owner to inspect the door mechanisms closely. For small repair works or serious garage door projects such as garage door replacement you may call the professional and reputed people at your place. 

Best time to start with the garage door cleaning is undoubtedly the time when you feel motivated and willing to take up the job. But yes, the direct sunlight may hinder the path of a smooth cleaning schedule, so avoid it in the direct sun’s presence. 


Only a right intention and willingness will not suffice the garage door cleaning requirements, you need to arm yourself with the right stuff so that you don’t overdo it to make some damages or you may not make yourself tired. So, get a mild and environment friendly detergent to carry out the cleaning job. Use warm water and soft bristle brush to do the garage door clean up. Be watchful and perform it with gentle hand to make sure you don’t peel off the paint. You can at last, apply coat of car wax after cleaning steel garage door to block the dust, rain and salt. 


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