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17 Jan 2017

Garage is meant to protect valuable assets but it can also become the reason behind the weak point for residential property. Wondering how? Well, intruders are always looking for ways to get inside the garage and steal the goods. Want to know why? Here are the reasons:

1)Valuable equipment, vehicles and tools are stored in the garage.

2)It acts as an easy entry point for them when homeowners forget locking or closing the door.

Keeping your property safe & secure is not only your responsibility but something you should be always careful about. 

Tips to secure your garage 

1)Lock: Make sure the door is always closed and locked. If the garage is attached directly to the home, ensure that the door from the garage is locked as well. Besides, make sure the door is solid. You can also add deadbolt for extra security. 

2)Outdoor lighting: Install extra pot lights or other types of outdoor lighting and keep them on at night. Other good alternative is mounting motion detector lights near the residential garage doors and windows. 

3)Hide the Assets: If your garage door has windows, make sure to have satin or tinted glass installed. You can also get translucent films that can be applied to the windows, as they make it difficult to see through. 

4)Quality garage door: Make sure to have a solid door which is made from quality materials. These days, there are many options available that are robust as well as appealing. Doors made of solid steel without windows are the best choice. 

5)An alarm System: Add alarm and sensor to your doors, as they will warn you if someone tries getting inside. 
Apart from these alternatives, there are various other ways as well. These include:

A)Keeping your code secret
B)Securing the keys and remote
C)Keep remote out of Sight

Before starting with any of these tips, make sure your door is properly maintained. In case it is broken or damaged, go for garage door replacement and replace the existing one with a new and strong door. Doors available these days have various in-built security features. 


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